Privacy Meetup

Venue: Marlborough MA

come on wednesday august 8 or aug 22

Learn TOR, VPN & VeraCrypt Navigate DeepWeb / Darkweb

Wed Aug 8 or Aug 22 in Marlborough

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Tools to enhance online privacy, Anonymity and Anti-Forensics

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Why Privacy Must be a Fundamental Democratic Freedom

for both individuals and organizations?

Why again?! Because…

"Poking through a disk, phone or personal emails is no more acceptable than strapping some-one to a table and drugging or torturing them to get information about an imminent threat.''

Clipper-Chip argument: Why not a backdoor or key escrow for legitimate forensic investigations?

Yeah, sure! Like that would never be hacked, misused, or monitored. If Russians can hack Clinton’s emails, our government doesn’t need a head start on domestic spying.


History of Cryptography

a) Symmetric Encryption: From runners in Ancient Greece to Enigma in WW2

b) RSA (asymmetric) Encryption: 1970s. A monumental breakthrough that enabled internet commerce. Without RSA, mail orders would still be rare and all your banking would be walk-in

** PGP and Philip Zimmermann ** —charged with Arms export. Browser key strength

Quantum Computers (a decryption threat?) (not the threat that it is trumped up to be)

Quantum Cryptography: Irrelevant side note

c) Importance of End-to-End encryption

d) …But with the safety of Multisig. Multisig overcomes flaws of backdoors and key escrow


Tools for Personal Empowerment REMEMBER!

"Privacy arises from trustless architecture, a protected path and obscurity via ubiquity."

This is what we learn in class »

a) Public VPN services (recommended: PIA)

Look for services that delete logs and have a reputation based on reports, not endorsements.

b) TOR (Onion routing)

Now, trust is not necessary

d) Password Storage & Maintenance

LastPass (Bonus unit—if time permits)

It’s not where you keep password that matters… Key benefit of password manager: It verifies URL of every account and membership site you visit.

Need still more identity and threat isolation?

e) Run a Virtual Machine

f) Download files to a seedbox anonymously